Of all the fitness trends that I see coming out each week, this has got to be my favourite!

Rescue Your Fitness is an initiative started by Central Coast based PT Jason Siebert.

The concept is simple. Both humans and dogs need exercise, so next time you go out for a walk or run, why not stop by your local pound and take one of the rescue dogs out with you?

The initiative started with Gosford Dog Paws (now known as Central Coast Animal Care Facility), a no- kill shelter based on the Central Coast. Local trainers and fitness enthusiasts have been stopping by each week to get in some exercise with a furry friend and then post workout they upload an image of the happy dog with the hope of it finding a home. Insta Star Andrew Pap has been a regular fixture at the shelter and so far several of his dogs have been rehomed.

As the shelters can often become overburdened with dogs, it is not uncommon for them to go days without getting out of their cages. Furthermore, many people who really want a dog often can’t due to life commitments or their rental situation so it is a win, win really!

To find out about a shelter near you, check out their website here. Please note that more shelters will be added over the next few months.

Also if you get the chance to take a dog out, please tag us and Rescue Your Fitness for a repost!

Web: http://rescueyourfitness.com.au

Facebook: Rescue Your Fitness

Instagram: rescueyourfitness


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