Hi guys,

I thought I would share some of my favourite productivity tips with you today. If you have any please send them through as I would love to write an article featuring a variety of tips from a variety of people.

Mine are:

I only have 1-2 meeting days per week. I find that if I do them more regularly than that they really throw me off my day and I lose productivity and focus as a result. This means I have have 3-4 power days a week where I get my work done and have my head in the game, and 1-2 meeting days where my mind is focused on my meeting instead of what I have to do next.

I have my phone on silent always. I used to get infuriated when I was in the middle of researching something and then my phone rang and threw me off. Now it is on silent and I have no problems and way less broken phones. 

I always do the task I dread the most first. That way the rest of my day is usually fun

I have identified that article writing and research takes up the bulk of my time, which is time taken away from pitching and running the business. Therefore if I have too much writing to do I outsource it all in one go. This saves me going back and forth with the writers, I can brief them once and they save me at least a days worth of time

What are some of yours?

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