Hi guys! I’m Brooke Turner founder and operator of Balance Fitness and Nutrition. Professionally I’m a nutritionist, sports scientist, trainer, speaker and writer with over 10 years experience in the health and fitness industry. I’m passionate about helping others strive for a balanced approach to healthy, active living for long term mental and physical wellbeing.

I have created my online and face to face Six Week online STRIVE program, 14 Day Fitness Challenge, and  Happy, Healthy Pregnancy eBooks a series covering everything nutrition and exercise during pregnancy and the post natal period.

Personally I am a mum of two, an ocean goer, sun seeker and lover of all things active and outdoors!

I aim to:

  • Inspire women across the globe to recognise that healthy, active living need not be a hindrance but a habit.
  • To educate and empower women and fitness professionals working with women to understand the importance of safe and effective exercise and nutrition throughout pregnancy and the post natal period.
  • And that no matter where you live whether urban, regional, or remotely, you really can achieve great things!

Is there a unique reason why you started your business?

I knew early on that I wanted to have my own business one day. For me it has always been about health and fitness so I simply followed and was driven by my passion and interests over monetary motivation.

My business – Balance Fitness and Nutrition has now been registered for seven years! Despite this it has always been a full time passion, part-part time role. After finishing my tertiary studies I worked full time in roles from Health and Lifestyle Coordinating at FIFO camps to that of Health and Safety Advisor with a large mining company. All the while working with online clients, contributing to print and online publications, speaking at events and crunching numbers and business plans in my ‘spare time’.

In 2016 I transitioned to the role of motherhood and later met a fork in the road in terms of career – a redeployment or a redundancy. The timing was perfect and I took the redundancy. This allowed me the freedom to pursue all things Balance Fitness and Nutrition and have the time and space to be a Mum. In that time I have run highly successful face to face six week health and fitness programs, launched my online STRIVE program, Happy, Healthy Pregnancy eBooks, 14 Day Fitness Challenge, write for a range of publications, speak at a number of events both nationally and internationally and become a Mum for the second time!

Life is still very much about juggling business (and my ambition) with babes and I look forward to the day I have a little more time to put into Balance Fitness and Nutrition!

My one piece of advice when it comes to career paths and decisions is to always do something that you love and are genuinely interested in. In turn you will likely be more focussed, driven and success will follow!

Tell us one of the most uplifting moments of your career?

The most uplifting moments are often the most simple for me! There is honestly nothing better than getting client or attendee feedback on a program or a session that I have delivered and how it has impacted them and their health and life for the better. They are the real wins, the ‘Yeah! That’s why I do this!’ kind of moments. It helps reinforce that what I am doing and all I have worked to deliver are in fact making a difference as intended.

Biggest roadblock and how you overcame it?

I’m still overcoming it to be honest and that’s juggling my ambition with motherhood. I think some people do it better than others and whilst I am kind with myself and have good level of self compassion. Yet I still have moments where I long to be doing or achieving more in a business sense so I aim to be content to progress with small steps and celebrate every little win along the way.

In terms of career my physical location is something I often must overcome. I like to inspire others that it doesn’t matter where you live you can achieve great things; of which I have. That is the beauty of writing, I can do from my ‘home office’ in the North West of WA and still get my articles published plus landing speaking gigs around the country and world. What I do miss out on and a big roadblock in terms of my industry (being a highly flooded and competitive one) is the really valuable face to face networking, PR and other opportunities (speaking, collab etc) that you get from living urban based. I have to work harder and it can take longer to build those relationships than it would off face value. The FOMO is often real when I miss an activation or event! I rely on a lot of emails, phone calls and social media. We won’t be leaving WA anytime soon so I am still determined to show you can do great things regardless of where you live, even if it takes a little longer!

Biggest achievement so far?

Personally – becoming a Mum for sure! I am so proud of my kids and they are 100% my biggest achievement and learning in life.

Professionally – there has been so many! Launching my online programs are one of them but recently landing my first international speaking gig! This has been something I have worked hard at and earned over the years so I was so excited early this year to find out I was part of an epic presenter line up to head to a Fitness Convention in Singapore and deliver a range of sessions! Given the global pandemic unfortunately the kid free trip to Singapore is no longer going ahead but they event organisers have adapted and it is now an online Virtual Summit!

Favourite article you have ever been featured in and why?

Back in 2017 I was contributing regularly to features with Women’s Health and Fitness magazine before landing part of the expert panel for their monthly Nutrition Round Table. This was a highlight and one of my fave monthly features.

More recently I’ve loved talking all things Tabata for OK! and New Weekly mag  – this style of training is so beneficial and reflects the high intensity, fun nature of all of my online programs, as well as sharing the benefits of outdoor exercise (something I am fond of!) including SUPing for Marie Claire.

Dream publication to be featured in?

I love speaking on health, fitness and lifestyle topics that I am passionate about! I have a soft spot for print publications – it is always so gratifying seeing your work in the flesh so jump at the opportunity when print features come along! I would love to get a feature or regular column as part of an expert panel in Women’s Health and one day a cover of some sort! It would also be fun to do some TV panellist / expert work.

If you could tell the public one thing what would you message be?

A healthy mind assists in creating healthy habits – the two go hand in hand. Prioritise both mental and physical wellbeing, developing self compassion and awareness to help you stay true to your values, vision and in your own lane.

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