This is a question I was asked in the Expert Hub Community Group last week.
Let me start by saying that I am no expert in social, however, from my own personal experience, I would recommend by starting with a deep dive into your target audience. Who are they and where are they scrolling? This will help guide you to where you need to be.
Is it a new mum who’s glued to Facebook forums for advice? A millennial foodie who scrolls through Instagram to find visual inspiration for her next dish? A Gen-Z TikTok junkie or a corporate entrepreneur glued to LinkedIn? If that is where your audience is, that is where you should also be.
One that I would recommend for everyone is Facebook….
While Facebook has gone up and down in terms of popularity over the years, you need to be on it because of their sophisticated advertising capabilities. If you use it correctly, you can target the exact audience you are after without wasting clicks on the people you don’t want. It can even tell you who your audience is. The FB advertising platform also allows you to advertise on Instagram
Aside from that, if you are time-poor I would recommend choosing 1-2 platforms that you do well. Remember that your audience will be checking out these places to gain trust and inspiration from you.
If you insist on being on more than one platform, then try to make the most out of your content by repurposing it to make it relevant for all channels. For example, I will interview someone on a podcast, then choose a topic and turn it into a blog that links them back to the podcast, then turn the blog into some quotes for Instagram that leads them back to my website. It’s all the same message repurposed and if people want to see a longer form of that message they can go from the blog to the podcast. Please also note that people consume content in different ways so this is a good way to appeal to people who prefer to read, listen or watch.
If you want proper expert advice on social media though check out Lynsey Fraser on If I ever need to do serious advertising I go to her. She also has some online courses to teach you how to do it yourself. 
Also Jade Dunwoody who is the social media expert for General Pants is great, especially with messaging and creative. She has some live classes starting next week I believe on Facebook, photoshop and the like. Her web address is

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