Hi everyone,

I hope you are all faring okay during the Covid-19 crisis. It is a very crazy time and has seen a lot of businesses, especially service businesses being forced to pivot.

As such, I have decided to interview a new expert every day who can teach businesses about how to get online, how to package up your business for sale, mental health/ wellbeing tips for your staff, stimulus packages, government grants and the like. If you have any topics you want us to cover make sure you let me know.

These interviews will be happening live on the @expert_hub instagram account at 8am Monday- Friday.

Today we kicked it off with my social media advisor Lynsey Fraser from www.flosocial.com.au

Lynsey is one of 70 global consultants who consult within a division of Facebook’s ad program, needless to say, that is anything changes on the platform, she will know about it.

Lynsey has two wings in her business:

  • She teaches people how to set up and create their own ads, how to test them and how to know if they are working
  • She also works on retainer/ as a consultant for some brands and creates the ads for them

Below is a snapshot of what she had to say. To see the full interview head over to IG TV for 15 minutes of the video or YouTube for the full 24 minutes.

Do you have any examples of Physical Businesses who have navigated the move to online well?

Flow Athletic has done really well, especially in the short amount of time that they had to organise it. They managed to get online pretty much as soon as it was announced that gyms would have to shut and in order to keep their community tight and together in these tough times, they have done this all via FB Live so their community can still chat.

But many major training businesses are online, and even for the physical businesses, it is a good space to be in. Physical businesses limit you to how many clients you have time to see and your area, whereas also being online opens you up to the entire population of the world.

If you manage this well it may open up more opportunities for your business.

For new businesses to the online world, what are the best social options for them to market their business?

If you have a wellness business, so personal training, nutrition, cooking, food etc. Facebook and instagram and the key businesses you want to be advertising on.

In fact, usage on FB has gone up 30-40% in the last few weeks and with more people spending more time on FB it means you have more opportunities to show adverts to those people.

If you advertise through Facebook, the ads can also go onto the instagram platform so you have the chance to show up on the feeds, FB or instagram live, messenger etc.

Facebook knows your audience so you won’t need to make the decision of where to be. Instead, Facebook will chase your audience and show them your ad at the right time and in the right place across FB and instagram.

Tips for businesses moving from a physical service business to online?

You can get your business online in a low-cost way. Don’t spend 2K on a website right now, instead get 3 pages made up, you can do it for $500.

If you are a gym looking to do online classes, Facebook Live is a free tool you can use.

Don’t worry about making your online content pretty and polished, just get it out there. Time is of the essence right now. Your audience can’t go to the gym right now so they are searching for a solution, they need this solution asap. Get yourself online before they find other options.

When it comes to creating an ad what should you consider and what elements do you need?

If you are quieter with work at the moment, now is a valuable time to unskilled and learn to do the basics yourself. You will save thousands doing it yourself so it is a good skill to have.

If you don’t have the time, I suggest finding a freelancer or a person who can help you for a good price. All industries have been hit and all of these people are looking for work.

I am compiling a list of low-cost freelancers who can do various skills to help bring businesses online. I should have this list ready this afternoon.

I am also offering all of my online courses for free until the end of April, maybe longer because if these businesses go out of business, I won’t be able to get any work either. It is important that we all support eachother and work together as a result.

There are ad courses, instagram courses, courses for the fitness industry and more. Have a look at flosocial.com.au for more info

How do you know when to change your ads?

You know if you are making money or not. Essentially the rule of thumb is to watch your bottom line, are you seeing people sign up? Are people seeing your ad.

There is lots of tracking when it comes to Facebook. They can track behaviour from the ad click, to the website to buying the product. See if thew ad is moving the needle. If no one is doing your desired action, then the ad is not working.

Should people run similar ads so viewers can start to identify their brand at a glance, or should they change them up?

My approach is “if out ain’t broke, don’t fix it”

We usually split test 5-6 different ad and images to see what people respond to because if your image didn’t get the person to stop, there is no way in the world they will end up reading the copy.

Once we figure out what colour, image style etc people respond to, we create more ads like that. We give everything a go and then turn off the things that don’t work

How often should people be checking their ads?

Don’t spend 1 hour a week, spend 5 minutes a day checking them to see what is going on

Don’t worry about clicks or the cost per click. The action they are taking is more important, as is the outcome we are looking for

If we want people to learn about a business for example, we are looking to get in front of people. That is the action, it may not lead to instant sales, it is a brand awareness campaign.

Impressions don’t make a difference to the bottom line of a campaign

Any tips for people at the moment?

Just get out there, don’t self-censor start producing content.

Get your classes/ work out there, post your tips to instagram, show people what you do. You can polish things up later, but start building an audience now and get people talking

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