Every business is different and has different needs so keep in mind that if you are looking to target a specific niche audience, not every publication will be relevant to you and the way you position your ideas and expertise may differ. For example if you are looking to only target a specific trade, are B2B, are very science based or the military, you would tweak the information I give you to be relevant to your audience and you would pitch to the appropriate publications.

Additionally, if you are providing advice that could end up being damaging to someone if followed incorrectly, such as you are a GP, surgeon, financial advisor etc. please make sure you understand the rules of the governing bodies of your profession in terms of what you can and cannot say.

For example, for complimentary therapies, all products with an AUSTL number on them must follow their approved claims and cannot go outside of them. In the case of these products you need to be very clear with Journalists about what those claims are.

Be careful with the way you give advice. You may remember the Belle Gibson situation where she claimed to cure her brain cancer with a diet of whole foods. Some of her followers who had cancer stopped taking their medicine and started following her diet instead. Later it was discovered that she lied about the whole thing.

If you are sharing the benefits of anything, be it wholefoods or a product and it could in any way be linked to a serious condition, make sure you never use definitive language and always include something along the lines of *always consult your healthcare practitioner

Similar to businesses, each individual’s body is different and a product/ingredient that may work for one individual, may have a different effect on another. It’s important to consider this when relaying your messaging to a journalist.

In terms of making statements, consider you’re wording.

Studies show that blueberries may support brain health (with a hyperlink to the study) is appropriate


Blueberries will cure brain cancer is NOT

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