Hi all,

Today I wanted to tell you about how to tell your story for a bigger profile style feature in a publication. Im not taking about general media here, I am talking about a big profile feature. This is a feature that you would look at AFTER you have some runs on the board so it is probably more relevant to an established and semi established businesses. Here is an example.

Lots of clients want a big story on themselves or their business straight off the bat, but they haven’t identified an angle that will be interesting to the publication and their readers.

The main thing to note is that a publication only wants articles that their readers will be interested in reading so you need to get into the mindset of the reader before approaching the publication to get featured. This is not the time to sell them an ad your product, it’s time to sell them you and tell them an interesting story, 

For example, how you started a business on your living room floor is not an angle unless you have something to back it up with, such as an impressive business figure, an angle on you turning your life around in a major way or you helped a client in a major way. 

What is an angle is:

  • A stay at home mum who started a business from home and turned over a decent figure in a year and now can stay working from home.
  • A PR exec who had to go on leave due to stress and health issues as a result of their job. While on leave they started a business in the wellness space that turning over a good amount of money and they are way less stressed and helping others at the same time
  • A mum started an online fitness program that other mums have been loving and some of her clients have lost 5 kg within 6 weeks.
  • Your coffee business sold 3 million coffees in 2 years, this angle would be about why you started the business and how you achieved this major feat.

How your business won investment

So when coming up with story ideas, people love to hear about other people, but you need to make sure your angle is relevant to the readers and can inspire them- if that is your goal.

If you are giving advice, actionable tips and things that you did to get to where you are are great. Don’t be afraid to share information. Information and interesting advice is what will keep you interesting and people keeping an eye on you

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