Humming Puppy

Unfortunately, you won’t see a puppy in sight at this yoga studio – however what you will find is a yoga experience like no other. Humming Puppy, as the name suggests, has yoga rooms that quite literally ‘Hum’. The space is designed with a combination of 7.3hertz and 40hertz frequencies that are meant to help ground you and increase ‘Gamma’ brainwave activity. It sounds somewhat Sci-Fi, but as you step foot into the room the subtle hums take you away from your outside worries into a state of zen.

Not only does the yoga class come with your own mat which you don’t have to clean yourself (praise the Buddha) but the studio itself is aesthetically pleasing with its high ceilings, brick walls and white floor boards. Humming Puppy also offers complimentary coconut water, tea and refreshments after class, along with towels, hair-dryers and hair ties for those of us (me) who forget.

Nimbus & Co

Nestled in the busy street of Bondi Road, this beautiful wellness space offers a range of health therapies including infrared sauna, massage, acupuncture, and now – yoga!

Set in a boutique studio called The Loft, Nimbus & Co’s new yoga room only takes 8-10 people per class – so for those “need my own space” people, this one is for you! The classes are based around the Yin style of yoga, which is a slower, restorative style of yoga – perfect for mellowing out from a busy day.

Egg of the Universe

The first thing that stood out for me about this studio was the name. The second was that it comes with a wholefoods café, so you can reward your tummy straight after class.

Located in Sydney’s inner-west, Egg of the universe offers a range of yoga classes that will suit the needs of the beginner and the expert yogi. The beautiful light-filled space is architecturally designed with the earth in mind, using recycled materials and VOC-free paint where possible. Prepare to have your mind and body nourished at this unique urban sanctuary.

Yoga Bar 

Yoga Bar literally offers every type of yoga class you can think of – including hip hop yoga *insert twerk here*.

When I say literally, I mean 14 different class styles that will suit the beginner all the way to the more experienced yogi’s. And they aren’t all about the zen – YogaBar offers sculpting classes and Hot Flow for those who want to add some sweat to their routine. With 7 studios located around Sydney, you’ll be sure to find a location and yoga class that suits your needs.

W1LL (formerly Urban Yoga)

Formally known as Urban Yoga, the rebranded W1LL studio is a yoga experience that you would not have experienced. Yoga classes are set in a dark room with a large screen projecting videos of nature, landscapes, wild animals and luxury beaches, all designed to ignite the senses and take you away from your everyday.

Not only is it a sensory experience for the eyes, but for the ears too. As you move through the Vinyassa poses expect to hear tunes by Chet Faker, The XX and Michael Jackson. The playlist and images keep things interesting compared to the usual yoga class where there’s a lot of focus on the breath.

You will also leve feeling good about the fact that $1 from every booking is donated to the Human Kind Project. What’s not to love!



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