Back in December of last year, seems like a blink of an eye ago if you think about it, the Amercian College of Sports Medicine released its findings from their worldwide annual survey for the Top 20 Worldwide Fitness Trends for 2018. The survey came into fruition back in 2006 and since become the go-to source for gym owners, personal trainers and those who wish to be hot, hip and happening.

While conducted by an American institute, the survey reflects worldwide trends and since most trends find their way to Australia sooner or later, we can assume it applies to us Aussies as well.

Why is knowing the no.1 fitness trend important?

As more research into exercise science and technology develops, there are new exciting ways to switch up workout routines. Learning how to maximise results in a shorter amount of time is crucial in this time and age. We’re people that want things fast—fast cars, fast Internet and fast results. We have more knowledge at the touch of our fingertips, more insight into how the body’s metabolism works and what exercises help to achieve this.

Secondly, as a gym/studio owner or personal trainer, it’s crucial to understand how trends can impact your business. Think about how the trends can complement the services you already offer.

So what is the no.1 trend?

Topping the list and it should come as no surprise High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is still king. Using HIIT to get fit involves fast, short burst of exercise where you commit and give it everything you have, and the reward is a short recovery period (Usually welcomed by those of us who have to pick our lungs back up off the floor). 30 minutes max and you’ve done your workout for the day. What’s not to love about that?

Coming in second on the top 20 list is group training. Whether it’s a CrossFit class where you have a personal cheer squad until you’ve completed that last push up, or Les Mills Body Combat—where you just keep going because the alternative is being mowed down or possibly roundhoused by the person next to you—the group environment is motivational and inspiring.

Combing the two trends HIIT and group fitness is why we are starting to see more boutique fitness studios and classes like F45ZUU and ZADI gain popularity.

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