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I have decided to start a new section where we interview some of the experts on the platform to learn about how they started their business, their achievements and their learnings along the way. I hope it inspires you as I for one always love to hear about first hand experiences and advice.
Today we have Lizzie Bland the founder of Lean Bean Fitness which started as a Saturday bootcamp on Bondi Beach 5 years ago and now has studios in Bondi Beach and Darlinghurst in Sydney.
Lean Bean Fitness is known for being a challenging workout but it is also a lot of fun and they have built a great community over the past 5 years.
Is there a unique reason why you started your business/ how did you get to where you are that you could tell us?
I was new to Sydney and wanted to make friends and potentially gain some personal training clients. Word of mouth has been pivotal in building our awesome gang of girls as well as Instagram, of course!
Tell us one of the funniest or most uplifting moments of your career?
The most uplifting thing is seeing people all over the world, including my friends and family in the UK being able to workout with me online. Our current situation really shows you don’t need to be directly with each other to be part of a community.
Biggest roadblock and the hardest thing you have to go through and how you overcame it?
Noise complaints! Music is so important in our classes and finding a space that didn’t affect residents has been a challenge. We sound proofed the studio when we upgraded our Bondi studio which was so worth it. The most recent roadblock for every studio owner…Covid.
Biggest achievement so far?
Winning the Local Business Awards last year was a huge achievement for us especially after a tough year moving studios. Getting in the Top 5 Studios in the Global Classpass awards was madness though!
Favourite article you have ever been featured in and why?
I did a workout sequence for the Sun Herald for long running Bean and friend Sylvia Jeffreys. Having a 2 page spread in a newspaper made my parents very excited.
Dream publication to be featured in?
Well…when we were featured in Vogue our lives were made! But Women’s Health Mag or Mamamia would be very cool too.
If you could tell the public one thing what would you message be?
Please don’t expect your favorite small businesses to get back to how they were pre-covid and have patience with them when they’re trying to get back to ‘normal’! LOVE YOU.

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