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Today we had the pleasure of chatting with Claire Aristides, Founder of Mindology.app. Claire is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and her reasoning for getting into that line of work is interesting. Read on and find out more about her journey.

Is there a unique reason why you started your business/ how did you get to where you are that you could tell us?

Hypnosis has been part of my life for 20 years when my dad used it for his cancer treatment… and fast forward 15 years I was burnt out working like a maniac on my jewellery brand, a complete workaholic trying to get pregnant and nothing was working as I was so stressed… I did 9 months of solid hypnotherapy to de-stress and started IVF….

It had such a profound impact on my life, I decided to train as a Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Through my sessions and practice with clients, it was clear that there often issues with stress and confidence. So I wanted to bring together programs that could help many, and so I started the app and online programs. My passion is to help others to learn how to calm their busy minds but also empower themselves, to be more fulfilled, more confident, stop self-sabotaging….

My goal is to create a digital platform through the app and our online programs, that educates and empowers others using the tools of hypnosis and visualisation.

Hypnotherapy doesn’t have the best PR profile – and I want to change that. It’s sometimes seen as scary and people worry – that they might start barking like a dog…. and It is so not that at all. That is stage performance.

Elite athletes, business leaders, surgeons and musicians all will use a version of self-hypnosis in their mental preparation for their game, operation, performance etc. So why can’t you and I use it for reaching and achieving our goals too.

Tell us one of the most uplifting moments of your career?

When I receive feedback from clients … it really makes my day.  It so important to me that we make a difference, and so when I hear positive feedback it motivates me even more to do more and keep creating sessions and programs that can help others change their mindset, to change their negative thought patterns and create new ways of thinking.

Biggest roadblock and how you overcame it?

The app was a technical challenge, but we got there. Covid-19 has put on hold lots of incredible in person events we had planned with different brands. So that was disappointing, but it’s ok.

I haven’t had any big major roadblocks, lots of small to medium size ones and you just got to push through. Build resilience and focus on the end goal. It’s very easy to get distracted, but you just got to keep on asking yourself, how does this fit into my end goal.  Visualise where you are going, it might not be a perfect picture or plan but it gets the mind thinking and working on finding the way. Our minds are so powerful.

Biggest achievement so far?

Training to be a Clinical Hypnotherapist was a real leap of faith, I had my jewellery brand and things were running great there.  So why complicate things – but I really felt a calling to do this.

I did a series of events for Allbright Members in London, which I loved doing. I am now being approached by other brands to collaborate with them which is incredible. That feels like real recognition of what I am doing.

Favourite article you have ever been featured in and why?

Being featured in Harpers Bazaar –  It felt like a real step forward for hypnotherapy to be featured in such a modern female fashion magazine.

Dream publication to be featured in?

Forbes !

If you could tell the public one thing what would you message be?

Everything is within you. And you are not your past, we can change our mindset and change, but you need to make the time for yourself to do this.

@mindology.app www.mindology.app


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