Today we spoke to Mitchell Diamond, owner of Cryospa Clinics which he opened in December of 2017.

Is there a unique reason why you started your business?

I originally purchased my cryotherapy machine to put in a gym for my ex wife to run while I continued to do my job. We split up not long after and I was left with a $60,000 piece of equipment and looking to start my life over.

I moved from Western Sydney to the Lower North Shore without really knowing anyone. I decided to go all in and open a multi treatment health and wellness centre. I picked a spot to open up, flew to Italy to purchase our salt room and to broker a deal with Isobenessere and become their Australian distributor. About 9-10 months later we opened our doors.

Tell us one of the most uplifting moments of your career?

I think the most uplifting moment I had was when my mum tried cryotherapy for the first time. She suffers from a mild bout of MS and on her worst days has issues with pain in her legs and walking. To hear her say that she woke up the next morning with the least amount of pain in her legs that she can remember was a very uplifting moment

Biggest roadblock you have had to go through and how you overcame it?

I think the biggest roadblock I have faced and still face is the mental aspect of opening and running a business. The financial aspect is a close second and there are definitely some days where it becomes the hardest challenge but when it’s all said and done the toll it takes on my mental well-being by far outweighs anything else.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever overcome or ever will but I’ve definitely learnt how to manage it better. When we first opened my personal life was in turmoil, I was had just finally opened the business and now I had to worry about it making money to pay the bills and also continue to do my day to day job. I eventually sought out some professional help and after about 6 months of therapy I learnt how to deal with things in a much more realistic way. I still have my bad days but I haven’t looked back since

Biggest achievement so far?

I think my biggest achievement so far is still being open. 60% of small business’ close in the first 3 years. We are about 2.5 years in and still kicking! Although winning the most outstanding new business in our first year at the local small business awards was pretty satisfying

Favourite article you have ever been featured in and why?

I think being featured in Spa and Clinic is my favourite purely because I felt like it legitimised us as health and wellness centre

Dream publication to be featured in?

My dream publication to be featured in would probably be Men’s Health purely because I grew up reading that magazine and taking so many tips and tricks from it to incorporate to my training routine

If you could tell the public one thing what would you message be?

Look after yourself and be conscious about ways to improve your immune system!

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