Are you the type of person who hates running? So much so that even if you were being chased down the street by a mugger, you’d hand over your valuables rather than step up your pace? Whether it’s due to the jarring of your knees or the mere repetitive boredom of the same route, running doesn’t have to be a boring. Agreed that it can be, but there are ways to make it fun.

Use your imagination
It’s time for your run, but this today as you jog along the street, you’re a double agent with a price on your head. No one can be trusted. Get your James Bond on baby, because you’re going to run like your life depends on it. Leap puddles in a single bound, weave in and out of trees, and keep your wits about you. Every darkened window could be the hide-out of a sniper.

Make a playlist of your favourite music
Yes, we know every article you read on running contains this point, but only pick out your absolutely powerhouse ballads and inspirational songs that make you want to sing out loud. Plug in your ears and with a press of the play button, you’re no longer just a runner. You’re a running machine, who’s starring in their very own music videos. Don’t forget to run with all the swagger you can muster.

Listen to audiobooks
What better way to multitask, you can listen to some of the bestsellers you’ve been meaning to read but never managed to get around to. The more engrossing the book, the further you may end up running, simply because you need to know what happens next.

Fartlek training
Stop giggling! Yes Fartlek as hilarious as it sounds is an actual word. It’s Swedish for speedplay. Basically it’s a mix of running fast interchanged with running slower (or walking). The best way is to pick out a distant goal such as a lamppost, a white picket fence, a tree and run as fast as your legs will carry you, only stopping when you get to your marker. Then pick another marker and reward yourself with a slower pace jog or a walk until you feel like you’ve recovered enough to pick up the pace again. This type of running can help you increase your speed and distance.

GPS art
Download a running app that maps out your running route and allows you to share it on the social channels. Some people have taking GPS drawing to a new level, it’s called Figure Running. You log into the Figure Running app, select a colour and start running to draw. Previous artworks have been the Ninja Turtles and Homer Simpson.

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