Do you constantly feel like there’s simply not enough hours in one day to get everything you want done? Do you look in the mirror and shudder at the zombie-like appearance, the sunken hollows of your eyes—a shell of the person you once knew? Up at the crack of dawn to fit in a workout, bed way too late? Burning the candle at both ends can have serious consequences for your health

Here are some signs that you should consider taking a step back

Find you often have your cranky pants on? Instead of letting the little annoying things in life be like water off a duck’s back, they drive you nuts. Restless legs, scratchy mood and a waning tolerance are sure signs you need to have some time out.

Emotionally exhausted
Feel like you have nothing left to give? You’ve been sucked dry to the point that no matter what happens you feel detached from the situation—too numb to care—a sure sign you may be emotionally spent. Of course, being emotional exhaustion can teeter like a seesaw, swinging from one extreme to the other.  Hysterical sobbing simply because someone’s used the last of the coffee? It might be time to schedule much needed ‘me’ time.

Brain Fog
Not exactly a medically recognised term, but it’s an apt way to describe feeling a bit spacy, forgetful and unable to concentrate on tasks at hand. Quite a few people experience fogginess but it’s not normal and should be taken as a clear sign you need to get your life balance back on track. Certified natural medicine doctor and clinical nutritionist, Dr. Josh Axe believes lack of sleep, dehydration, stress and standing for prolonged amounts of time can also attribute to feeling foggy.

Trouble sleeping
Physical exhaustion, but still unable to fall asleep once your head hits the pillow or stay asleep all night is your body reacting to stress. Studies published by BMJ Open early last year reported there is a strong association between insomnia caused by work stress and burnout.

Making simple mistakes

It’s human to make errors but when they have life changing ramifications or danger the lives of others, it’s time to take stock. Mistakes can be as simple as putting your keys in the fridge, and your refrigerated items in the pantry without even thinking about it. Alternatively, you could drive through a stop sign without noticing.

If you continue to ignore the symptoms of burnout, they can have a significant effect on all aspects of your life—from your health to your relationships. If you check off all the symptoms listed above, be sure to seek professional advice from your local GP, find active ways to relax and focus on putting yourself first.

– Leigh-Anne Parish

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