Expert Hub specialises in building your profile in the media as an expert, but with so many experts sharing their thoughts in the media these days, how do you stand out from the crowd?

While I have many tips for this, one of them is to make sure you have some interesting and actionable information to share. Even if it is simple, have a point of view. If you can provide someone with information that is not overwhelming but may be life changing they are likely to remember you. Better still, if you had advice that goes against the grain, but you can make it up, even better.

For example, I always thought meditation was stressful because I couldn’t switch off my brain until I read an article by Luke Mcleod saying that in order to progress in meditation do the opposite, stop trying so hard, just relax and if you have a though acknowledge it and let it go. Simple

One nutritionist told me once to always have 50 % of my plate be green veggies. A very simple tip that has changed my health in so many ways.

One PT told me once that running can make you fat. I thought she was crazy at the time until I had a cortisol problem which led to my entire body swelling up. Then I understood why not everyone can do 2 x HIIT sessions everyday due to stress levels and cortisol.

These people all gave me simple, actionable advice that made sense to me and now I follow it. 

Do you have information like this that you can share with people? If you do, make sure you get it out there. Sharing something that can help someone will make all the difference. 

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