Today we were lucky enough to sit down with one of our favourite health coaches Kirsten Scott. If you don’t already follow her on instagram, trust us she is worth it! From health tips, to workouts, yoga sequences, a glimpse at the healthy places she likes to eat and travel, this account is about so much more than just inspirational images.

Kirsten is a Holistic Health Coach, Functional Movement Trainer and Yoga and meditation teacher. She coaches clients on how to move their bodies, nourish their bodies and live a healthy, happy life. Her specialties include one on one Yoga Therapy, Meditation for anxiety and depression and rehab from injuries.

Here is what she had to say!

What has been one of your best moments since launching the business?

Becoming a lululemon ambassador has been one of my best moments.

And biggest learning?

I’ve learnt to fail forwards.

Wake up time?

I wake up at 5am every morning. The early bird gets the worm.

The morning and night-time routine you swear by?

My morning routine consists of waking up gently to my sun clock. I do my first transcendental Meditation and then I’ll make my morning cocktail mix of warm water, lemon, apple cider vinegar and my super fuel gut healing powder & L-glutamine. My night time routine is having a hot shower, making a sleepy zen tea, put my legs up the wall for 10mins and turn off all technology and lights 30mins before I sleep to wind down.

What is one unique thing that you do every week that may surprise people? 

Once a week, usually on a Sunday, I will sit and make a list with 3 columns with the heading BE / DO / HAVE and will write out my lists. This is helped me a lot to be clear on my visions, goals, values and dreams and gives me better guidance on how to get there. Before I’d be a little lost and confused and just say yes to everything not knowing where I was going and exhausting my mind and body.

What is your day on a plate for a normal day?

I’ll have my first meal at 12pm as I practice intermittent fasting and it’ll be a big salad filled with lots of greens, good fats like olives and hemp seed oil, and avocado and then add protein like a light fish such as tuna or anchovies or salmon and then top it with my signature tahini dressing and some nori. I’ll have a snack later in the afternoon usually a green apple and some roasted coconut chips! Dinner will usually be meat and 3 veg. I’ll do a big bowl of veggies with either a piece of fish or chicken and some broth.

Do you have any health philosophies that you live by?

Yes my own philosophy is Move. Nourish. Live.

Move your body in some way everyday.

Nourish from the inside out with a wholefoods diet.

Live a healthy, happy life.

What are your top health spots near home?

I love to practice yoga at Power Living. My go to gym for my daily workouts is Speedos Fitness Club. Every Saturday I stock up and buy my fresh groceries at the Bondi’s Farmers Market. I enjoy walking daily along the Bondi to Bronte coastal walk. If you’re looking for a good green juice or elixr Orchard Street is my fave.

What is the best health treatment you have ever had and why?

So far the best treatment I’ve tried is a float tank at Koa Recovery. It’s the ultimate tune out blocking off all your senses. I’ve never felt more relaxed or rejuvenated.

Favourite brunch spot and what do you order?

My home!!! I love cooking and baking! I’m currently obsessed with home made FAB4 smoothie and home made roasted coconut chips.

Coffee order?

No coffee for me I’m caffeine free but I love a good peppermint and licorice tea.

Do you have a hack to help you with stress?

Yes my best tip during stressful times is to stop drop and meditate!

What’s one thing people probably don’t know about you?

One thing that I don’t watch is the news. Not only is the news super depressing, but it also lowers my faith in humanity and makes it harder to be a positive person. Contrary to popular belief, I believe that it is possible to stay informed about what’s going on in the world without consuming a mental junk food diet of wars, rapes, and murders every night before going to bed.

Do you have any habits that your friends think are weird?

Yesss I’m a bit OCD and when I do a walk or run with a friend I have to finish on a round number so I’ll need to keep walking until I end on a round number

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