Today we had the pleasure of interviewing Christina Sternberg who’s a passionate foodie, world-traveller, Certified Vinyasa Yoga Instructor and soon-to-be Integrative Health Coach.

Through mindful eating and movement, along with meditation, she believes anyone can find their own calm and learn to lead a life full of freedom and happiness. Here are some tips she had to share with us.

First of all, how did you get into it Health Coaching? 

I’ve always been a foodie and have loved to cook from a young age. I grew up cooking delicious and nutritious Mediterranean dishes where I learned the ways in which we can use foods to heal our bodies! Since then, I have been fascinated with the healing power of foods and ultimately found the healing power of yoga and meditation on the mind, which is why I have started studying to be an Integrative Health Coach. I believe that wellness not only comes from the way in which we eat, but also the way we treat our mind and body as a whole.

What do you feel is your greatest achievement of your career to date?

My greatest achievement is not one moment in particular, but more of a collective achievement of being able to help other people every single day. This is the single best part of what I do. I love helping people heal, feel calm in their bodies and minds,  and ultimately let their inner light shine to feel like their best selves!

What are the top issues that you find your clients struggle with?

The top issues usually involve weight loss, stress management, and gut/digestive health.

Best piece of advice you would give someone when it comes to their health and wellness? 

Try looking at your health and wellness as a whole rather than as separate parts. Everything in the body is inter-connected so if one aspect is off, something else in your body is likely to be off as well. The more we can tune into ourselves, the more we can find out what really works in our own bodies. Try a few minutes of meditation or deep breathing every day – this will truly help you to connect with yourself!

What does the first 90 minutes of your day look like?

I always try to keep my mornings mindful and focused on simple rituals that help me to feel grounded each day. First thing, I like to scrape my tongue to remove any bacteria that has built up over night. I then always try to sneak in as much liquid as possible. This usually includes warm lemon water and my Prana Morning Greens juice. I’ll then get some mindful movement in, usually a yoga flow at home or a walk down to the beach. After moving my body, I’ll either have my Bulletproof Mushroom Elixir or a smoothie bowl. Then the final part of my morning involves meditation or some deep breathing. Bliss!

What is one unique thing that you do every day that has changed your life?

You guessed it, meditation! It has changed my life in more ways than one, but most importantly it has helped me tune into myself. It’s a simple thing that is easy to stray away from. I also stay off social media at least one day a week – try it out! It’s amazing.

Do you have any health/wellness philosophies that you live by?

Pretty simple, be kind to yourself and others.

What are your top health spots near home?

Definitely Orchard St  Beautiful elixirs and treats, plus they have some amazing Naturopaths. Nimbus & Co for an infrared sauna, The Health Emporium to stock up on the best health food products and Broth Bar & Larder for more healthy treats or a cup of bone broth.

Your favourite workout and why?

Any workout that involves yoga or pilates, in particular, I love CorePower Yoga back home in California and BodyMindLife in Sydney is great too. And I also can’t go past a beautiful Saturday morning 90 minute flow class at Flow Athletic in Paddington.

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