Is it a gym? Is it a nightclub? Maybe you should check it out!

She’s a mum of two, has been in the fitness industry for 12 years and is currently tackling one of the most challenging business ventures, setting up her own fitness concept in a franchise model.

ZADI Training launched into Australia in June 2018 and it is set to be a game changer for women. It is the first ‘franchise’ network to offer female specific HIIT training and functional combination programs. Workouts are endorsed by exercise science, innovative technology and smaller trainer/ participant radios.

We spent 5 minutes with Adala Bolto who told us all about her business, programs and her career to date and this is what she had to say.

Hi Adala, tell us about what you do

I have worked in almost every aspect of fitness industry business for 12 years and most recently, I have co-founded my ‘brainchild’, a new fitness concept, into the Australian market. ZADI Training is a boutique female HIIT /Strength studio franchise with nightclub vibes and exercise science programs that are designed to get women fast results. We exist to unleash a movement of extraordinary/badass women!

How did you come up with it?

Long story short, I saw a gap in the market, wanted a new challenge and teamed up with some amazing industry leaders to help me bring it to life.

Greatest achievement of your career to date?

My greatest achievement was definitely the moment we launched our brand ZADI at our first studio in Sydney’s fitness hub – Surry Hills.

What is one thing you wish every client would do?

I wish they would stop comparing themselves to others. It consumes energy and time that they can be channelled into much more productive things.

What are the top issues that you find your clients struggle with?

One of the top issues I find my clients struggle with repeatedly is, their  perception of the time required to get fit and maintain the results they have achieved – for example most women may believe that it has to be all or nothing when it comes to fitness.

Best piece of advice you would give someone when it comes to their health and wellness?

Just start, just do it and stop overthinking it.

What tip would you give someone who is looking to get into your industry?

You can’t fake genuine care and passion for this industry.

What does the first 90 minutes of your day look like?

Sorry to disappoint but, my first 90 minuets don’t start with yoga or a run or a workout at all– I much prefer my early evening training sessions. I start my day with a big healthy breakfast, organising family/school commitments and taking care of business by contacting the team then getting ready to get sh*t done!

What is one unique thing that you do that has changed your life?

A few years ago we bought a property in the blue mountains which has changed my life. I like to get up there whenever I have a spare day to relax with girlfriends or husband and 2 daughters 13 & 14 years old. Most days are taken up to do property chores – my fave is zipping around on a ride on mower.

Do you have any health/ wellness philosophies that you live by?

Definitely the 80% – 20% rule – 80% good habits and 20% of the rest.

What are your top health spots near home?

ZADI Neutral bay, NU Healthy CaféNatural Food Market.

Best workout you have ever done and why did you love it?

ZADI sessions – any of them haha of course I’m going to say that.

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