It can be easy to get caught up in ‘sales funnel marketing lingo’ but for an editorial story, you need to think of good newsworthy story angles that are not overly sales orientated as you don’t want to have the reader feeling disappointed by the end of your article. That is not your goal.

Instead you want to excite them with an interesting angle that will encourage them to look into you and your business more, getting you on their radar.
Tying yourself into a daily news story is a good way of getting into the news. For example, TV usually run stories after the news publish them. The other day for example a story came out that Scarlett Johannsons trainer advises that you eat chocolate before your workouts. We work with a supplement enhanced chocolate story so we jumped straight onto it.
Other good things to consider:
  • New Insights: Has new research emerged on your topic of expertise? Are you qualified to comment on it? If so this is a great lead for you
  • Firsts: Have you created or developed something unique that you can tell the world about?
  • A new twist: Do you have a new way of doing something ? A better way of folding clothes like Marie Kondo, a better way of training, a better way of eating, these are good stories that Journalists like to run
  • Do you have an interesting back story?: Be it about your up bringing, your business story, your learnings along the way. These angles generally work really well in the media as either an entrepreneurial profile or a human interest story
  • Opinions: Opinions do really well in the media. If you have an angle on a topical story, let the Journalists know

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